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After working in Spain for six months we finally bought an apartment there. In restaurants and shops i make myself understandable in, but when it comes to daily chat with natives i fail hard. So i enrolled a spanish online course with a 100% pace. I did not know what that was, but it sounded good. Duration one month also, just before my holiday – perfect. A couple of days before the start i got the calendar – to read ten pages in the book each day and have one or two tests per week. Still i was OK but after one week in the course i was behind in the schedule. I had underestimated my valuable time for training and watch football. But i managed the first test. When i opened the second online test after two weeks i understood that i was not only behind, but way off. So i jumped off the course. Now i will apply for the same course this autumn but on 50% pace and in a classroom 1 evening per week.

What can we change agents learn from this?


So now i am back after publishing half the article and letting this article sink in a bit for a couple of weeks. The response on my article and question was the following

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  • 1 comments. The comment was from my spanish friend, wanting to teach me.

But it is the first day on my vacation today so i will wait some more weeks before i tie the bag together as we say in Sweden. Still no answer to my question though…?


So now back from vacation. And here comes the answer to my questions

  • Create increment like this article. Like a blog i have added more information as i learn. From the increment you can take better descisions based upon more and new information. I my spanish lessons the outcome was a understanding of the complexity and with a 50% pace i had not understood the complexity until too late. The first test made me thinking. My early descision was to abort rather than spend time on studying and not pass the final test.
  • Ask a friend. Spanish courses are no rocket science. I should have easily gotten the information from a friend that the pace was too high for me.
  • Learning is an outcome. Learning spanish was my (too) ambitious goal which i did not meet. But learning about studying spanish was a great outcome instead. I will have great use of this when doing the 50% pace course.
  • Have guts. When having a choice – go always for the hard one. There is more learning to acheive from that one. Of course your probability of failing increase but if your manager are great, he will not punish you.

/Ove Holmberg

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