Doubter of the year

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To celebrate and put our heroes in the spotlight, i hereby found the annual prize of Doubt. This prize shall every November be handed out to someone that has served the eternal challenge of status quo for a long time and dont back down. This person has a stong belief in the need for change and see traditional ways of working as opportunities for improvement. This person understands it is better to doubt a little than believing too much. The prize can only be received once.

The Jury consists of Ove Holmberg but will for each year add one more person to it. Each winner of the prize will get a invite and if they reject, the jury will add another person. This goes on until the Jury is five people. Then a new format will be implemented.

The prize 2021 goes to myself, Ove Holmberg and the motivation is:

For the mission to make Psychological Safety a natural concept in every companys DNA and use this as a opportunity to challenge the status quo without reprecussions.

/The Jury

Ove Holmberg

Stockholm 2021-11-01