Book review: How to Change the world (Appelo)

Reading Time: < 1 minute

During the summer 2023 i choosed to read seven books. Here is a review on one of them. The others can be found here. I am happy to send you my book for free if you want to have it for a bookcircle or just a debate on the topic.

This book is a just a 60 pager with a lot of pictures. Perfect for the 1 hour ride. The book gave me a lot of inspiration for this blogpost here and my summary/mindmap below.

Especially the questions to ask when you want to improve anything and the people are not responding. Then try these to change the environment instead of the people. If its good – the people will follow:

  1. How do i radiate information? Ex: A big whiteboard with news, inspiration, stats etc
  2. How do i ease communication? Ex: Communities of Interest
  3. How do i create a group identity? Ex: T-shirts with team name
  4. How do i grow peer pressure? Ex: Give credits to good behaviour
  5. How do i incentivize good behaviour? Ex: A pat on the shoulder
  6. How do i remove barriers? Ex: Training
  7. How do i guide/coach people? Ex: Coaching
  8. How do i create a playbook/rules/boundaries. Ex: A playbook

Link to my mindmap of the book here.

Detta var en bokrecension av mig. Vill du veta varför och hur jag gör dessa så kan du läsa om mig som boknörd här!