Organizations need leadership competences to remain competitive. Leadership at its very least ensures what is being delivered is right, and delivers value against the business opportunity. Agile leadership also empowers teams, encourages collaboration, and promotes alignment to common objectives.


The purpose of this course is to get a deeper understanding of leadership in the Agile framework. This will help not just in improving and simplifying delivery methods but also bringing about a change in the organisation’s mindset.


This is a 2 hour session from 12:00 – 14:00


This course will comprise of a short theory component where some important concepts will be presented. There will be a case study where the class will learn how the principles are applied in practice. This will be followed by group exercises where the groups work on how leadership is modified depending on various situations and then a discussion on how to identify good and bad leadership. The course will end with a short quiz, question and answers, and a wrap-up or takeaway lesson.

Learning Outcome

After this session you would:

-Understand the leadership context in Agile ways of working

-Learn the value of a collaborative, experimental, democratic approach

-Increase your chances of running projects successfully