Personlig AI OKR nu!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Dive into the future of artificial intelligence (AI) – a realm teeming with risks and rewards! Embrace AI to find your glasses, order food, and get dating advice! Beware robot uprisings, digital Alzheimer’s, and competing with robots in outer space! Undeniably, AI will revolutionize democracy but it also poses ethical and legal challenges. Get ready to set your own AI goals before you turn irrelevant. The AI age – it’s not just for the nerds anymore. Wake up before you get lost!

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Tvivla #1

Reading Time: < 1 minute Vårsäsongen gick som tåget och vi krossade regerande mästarna Nomad med 7-1 utan avbytare. En match jag bevittnade med tårar…

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Lumpen – räddningen för nästa generationer

Reading Time: 3 minutes The author nostalgically recalls his time serving in military conscription (lumpen), emphasizing the invaluable lessons in discipline and punctuality, which sharply contrasts the attitudes in today’s society deeming them undisciplined and untrustworthy. He champions a return of conscription for instilling discipline, consequently leading to professional competence and teamwork amongst future generations.

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